Friday, 30 December 2011

11 things you should do if you love your body and yourself

  1. Sit  cross-legged  while eating - This is the way people in east, traditionally, used to sit while eating food. This is the best position to adopt while eating as it enables stomach to absorb and digest food properly.
  2. Eat with your hands and be completely aware while eating  Mindfulness or awareness is the only way to fully experience a moment and responses of your body in that moment. Eating is considered to be an experience involving senses. One should eat his meal in a quiet, airy and clean place where there is no distraction - no TV, no watching videos online or any other kind of distraction or multitasking. Light in the room must be neither too harsh nor too dim so that it is soothing and the same time you can also see what you are eating. Every bite must be eaten with hand so that you can feel what you are eating, and then it must be chewed properly and slowly enjoying the taste, texture and aroma of the food. Having your food in this way makes it a sacred event and not only fills you with gratitude towards the food but also you end up eating less as you get to know exactly when your stomach is full. The process of chewing the food properly and slowly also makes the process of digestion easier.
  3. Eat your last meal before sunset - After sunset the process of digestion becomes slower and also there is less activity during the late hours, therefore its advisable to have the last meal before sunset. In today's world this might not be always possible, but at least one can try and have their last meal 3-4 hours before going to bed. This way you allow your food to get burned up properly and avoid getting it deposited as fat on your body.
  4. Drink 6 glass of water right after waking up in the morning - Drink one and half liters of water right after getting up from your bed. In Ayurveda this is called Ushapaan and is very beneficial for the body and cures many ailments like constipation, acne, obesity, headaches, kidney stone, acidity, gas problems. It is even more beneficial if water is stored in the copper vessel overnight.
  5. Drink lots of water - I don't think that I need to list down the benefits of drinking lots of water as most of you might already know this. Those who want to go through the benefits again or those who are not aware of it please refer to
  6. Sleep on not so soft surface - Sleeping on yoga mat spread on the floor or any other kind of mat or thin mattress that is soft enough but not too soft and fluffy is perfect for healthy sleep. It helps in maintain right posture while sleeping as the body parts don't sink in and also allows proper breathing. In long run this contributes in a big way towards healthy body and also keep back pain at bay.
  7.  Breath deeply and slowly - Something as simple as breathing also needs attention. It is simple but vital process. Shallow breathing means lack of oxygen in body which mean low metabolic rate and improper digestion and absorption of food. Just sit quietly at some quiet place and breath deeply and slowly for about 10 mins and observe how it feels. You can feel the difference. Make it a habit to breath deeply and slowly, whenever you realize that your breathing has become shallow or too fast try to bring it to deep and slow. This ensure proper amount of oxygen reaching your lungs every moment of the day.
  8. Stretch - In today's world where most of us have sedentary and passive life style, stretching your body parts keeps your muscles flexible, increases blood circulation and also keeps your energy levels up. So try and stretch after every one or two hours and continue feeling energetic throughout the day.
  9.  Maintain right posture - Maintaining right posture goes a long way in keeping one fit and young and in maintain good energy level through out the day. Try and sit in different postures and at last, sit in the right posture keeping your back straight and shoulders relaxed. See the difference you feeling. It has many benefits from health perspective like proper flow of air and blood circulation in the body and also good bone health. Last but not the least it make you feel and look more confident and smart and attentive. 
  10. Turn into a vegetarian - Vegetarian food is far more light and easy on stomach. It keeps heart healthy and also prevents from cancer. For further information please refer
  11. Thank for all that you have and all good that will be coming to you- Cultivating an attitude of gratitude is very important. It is a very nice way to remind yourself of all the positive things in your life and in the process you end up feeling happier and more positive. Positive state of minds leads to attracting more positive things in your life which you would be happy and thankful about. At times we feel that there is nothing great in our life. Just remind yourself that mere fact that we have this life is a reason to be thankful about. Look around for small and simple things in your life to be thankful about. You can be thankful about beautiful sunrise and sunset that you get to see everyday. You can be thankful for enough food that you have to nourish your body. Look around, I am sure you will find minimum of five things to be thankful about. Practice thanking or gratitude every single day and make it your second nature to see something to be thankful about in simplest moments of your life. Once this habit has been cultivated start thanking for, not only what you have but also for what you want to have and achieve in your life, as if you are 100% sure that it is coming. Do this every single day with happiness and belief in your heart and see miracles happening.

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Friday, 25 November 2011


Detachment ....... law of detachment... sounds familiar???? no?
For law of attraction to work , law of detachment has to be applied simultaneously.
Detachment has been identified as first step towards being happy and living more fulfilling life and also the first step towards spiritual growth by many religions of the east. But still many doubt that if someone is detached how can he still be able to love his family, friends and people around him. How can a detached person be a good citizen of the world?
One needs to understand that detachment is different from indifference. When you are detached you see things as they are, you see things from neutral point of view, you are not biased, you are not happy or sad, when detached you are just an observer. In day today situations or problems detachment helps you take right decisions without being blinded by bias and victim mentality.
When you are trying to attract something in your life, a better job, perfect life partner or any other thing, you need to be detached throughout the process, you should not get panicky or impatient, there should be deep faith that what you are asking for will be given. You just need to know precisely what do you want and be prepared to receive it because it is going to come for sure.