Friday, 25 November 2011


Detachment ....... law of detachment... sounds familiar???? no?
For law of attraction to work , law of detachment has to be applied simultaneously.
Detachment has been identified as first step towards being happy and living more fulfilling life and also the first step towards spiritual growth by many religions of the east. But still many doubt that if someone is detached how can he still be able to love his family, friends and people around him. How can a detached person be a good citizen of the world?
One needs to understand that detachment is different from indifference. When you are detached you see things as they are, you see things from neutral point of view, you are not biased, you are not happy or sad, when detached you are just an observer. In day today situations or problems detachment helps you take right decisions without being blinded by bias and victim mentality.
When you are trying to attract something in your life, a better job, perfect life partner or any other thing, you need to be detached throughout the process, you should not get panicky or impatient, there should be deep faith that what you are asking for will be given. You just need to know precisely what do you want and be prepared to receive it because it is going to come for sure.