Tuesday, 21 January 2014

7 Great Healers

Today I am going to talk about the 7 great healers. These healers are not people or something outside our selves. These healers are our attitudes, our habits. They are the way we live our lives. So, without taking anymore time let me introduce you to these 7 great healers.

FAITH…is deep belief that you can heal. The healer you have faith in might be god, universe, nature, your higher self or your body.
Do you have faith that your condition is heal-able?

TAKING RESPONSIBILITYtaking responsibility for your health and for your life is a big step. Blaming others, blaming situation or blaming god  makes you a victim as you give away your power to something external that you have no control over. Taking responsibility empowers you and motivates you to act towards healing. 
Are you ready to take COMPLETE responsibility?

FORGIVENESS…is allowing that part of your soul to heal which is stuck in a hurtful situation of past. It is freeing your soul. Whom do you need to forgive? Do you need to forgive yourself? Are you willing to forgive?

LOVE… is complete non-judgmental acceptance of what is. It is acceptance of ourselves as well as others 110% completely, without any ifs and buts. And knowing everything and everyone is perfect with all the seeming imperfections. Love is another name for peace. 
Are you at complete peace with who you are? Are you able to appreciate people around you as they are? Are you at peace with what is?

GRATITUDE...is realizing how blessed you are. Counting your blessing. Taking time to FEEL thankful. Be thankful for something as normal as being able to see, it is a great gift and you have countless such gifts, count as many as you can. 
What is that you are taking for granted without which you life will be less of a blessing? What is that you want more of but are not grateful for whatever little of it you have at present?

QUESTIONING YOUR BELIEFS… is your path towards enlightenment. Question everything you believe irrespective of where it came from – father, mother, teacher, your religious texts, anywhere at all. Beliefs shape our world and our experiences. It is in your best interest to keep the beliefs that are helpful and allow you grow and expand and heal. Throw all the unhelpful beliefs out!
Is my belief about this _ true?

MINDFULNESS…is the great assistant of the above six healers. It assists you
1. to know whether you truly have faith or not 
2. to know whether or not you are taking complete responsibility. 
3. to know whom do you need to forgive, or have you truly forgiven 
4. is this action based in love? 
5. to acquire vision to see even the minutest thing, in the darkest of corners that you should be grateful for. 
6. to bring to your notice the beliefs that are keeping you stuck