Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Choose to see only POSITIVE !!

I am sure each one of us wants to live a happy life, full of happy situations and wonderful people acknowledging and appreciating your wonderfulness, and at the same time you enjoying all aspects - personal, professional, financial, health, etc- of your life to the fullest.
Is it possible to live such wonderful life? Is it possible to have it all? Yes, it is and i'll tell you how.
Make a choice. Choose to see ONLY positive. Yes, this is the key to living a life of your dreams ( I am assuming that you dream of a happy life :) ;) ). 
Everyday perform a small ritual. Follow these steps:
1.     Choose a quite and comfortable place for yourself. You can go for a quite corner of your home or to your balcony, garden or any other place that is comfortable and peaceful.
2.     Sit with you back straight ( this ensures proper flow of energy in your body)
3.     Close your eyes
4.     Observe your natural breath for a minute or two, till to start feeling relaxed and completely present in the moment.
5.     Take 5 deep breaths
6.     With calm  and peaceful mind start thanking God or Universe or Nature or Your Higher Self, depending on whatever feels comfortable to you and aligns with your belief system, for all good and positive aspects of the following:
1)       Personal Life
2)       Professional Life
3)       Abundance
4)       Health
5)       City, locality and home
6)       A particular situation that does not feel so good
7)       People around you - colleagues, family members, friends ...... thank for all good things they have done and still do for you .... feel good about them by remembering all good qualities they posses
8)       Your life partner
9)       Yourself ..... take your own time and remind yourself about all the wonderful qualities you have ... and feel love for yourself while you do this.
Thank for smallest of blessings and feel gratitude within yourself. Feel how important this blessing is in your life. Count all the positive traits of people around you and also include yourself.
7.     Now affirm,
“I choose to see ONLY positive in all situations and aspects of my life”
“I always choose to see good in everyone including myself”
“I see myself and others with love”

This ritual will soon train your brain to see only positive and you will see your life flooded with positive situations and people. After all, like attracts like.