Sunday, 1 January 2012

My idea of perfect 2012

Just like 2011, I foresee 2012 to be a very happening year for me.
2011 was the year when I got married, ended my corporate career and decided to do something different, found my passion in life, took a decision to join Martha Beck's life coaching, spent time understanding myself better, spent a lot of time with my loved ones and above all felt lucky about having wonderful life partner and family which truly loves and supports me.
And now, I already have lots of hopes and expectations from 2012. I see myself becoming a well paid life coach, and trust me only I know how much I am already excited about this. There is lot of travel coming my way - Goa, Australia and might be US as well. Doesn't that sound wonderful......getting to see new culture....different food...nature...and lots n lots of shopping. WOW! I am also looking forward to renting a house with a beautiful garden .... Flowers are after all  my first love! Hmmmmmmmmmmmm...........these were all big big things. But, now there are many simple and small things that I plan to do every single day of 2012. These small things that are going to make my each day perfect are...

  • cooking meals at home ( this will ensure that we both - me and my husband, are eating healthy and nutritious food)
  • practicing yoga daily for 1 hour
  • reading out affirmation to myself
  • practicing meditation for an hour daily ( I know many of your might be thinking that 1 hr is too much much, but actually i am used to meditation for this long. Its just that I am not very disciplined and miss out on my meditation because of my laziness)
  • practicing gratitude daily before starting my day & before going to bed
  • spending 15 - 30 mins each day organizing a small part of my house
So..I look forward to a year of health, spiritual growth, gratitude and organised and clutter free space to live in.
I wish all my readers a very happy and prosperous new year.
Please share your idea of perfect 2012 and your plans to achieve it.