Wednesday, 9 January 2013

2013, I promise ....

According to numerology forecast this year is going to be an very important year for my career. It is an year of abundance and progress. And I know that this is so true. This the year I am going to take next step in my coaching career, which is not just a career but my calling. I have made some promises to myself and though its more about focusing on my highest good, forgiving, healing and shining, it is very closely related to my calling. Because as a life coach, in the words of Martha Beck, "you have to live it to give it".
Here are my new year resolutions, rather promises to myself:
  1. This moment onward I promise myself that I will share openly what I think, believe and feel. I might fear being judged, but I'll acknowledge my fear and anyways take the risk of showing the world who I really am. There will be no mask, no armour, just me.
  2. I promise myself that I will make choices from a place of complete love, self-acceptance, courage and standing in my truth. My choices will not be based on proving myself right or proving someone wrong or based on insecurity or retaliation.
  3. I promise myself that if something is good for me, I'll plan it and do it. I won't procrastinate and delay my good.
This year I focus on subtracting all that is not working and cultivating more trust in the process of life.

What are your promises to yourself this year?